About Us



Property Excellence work with landlords and investors across London and Hertfordshire, providing competitive security in their assets.


Are you a landlord looking for guaranteed rent, guaranteed mortgage repayments, no voids and no disappointments?


Are you an investor looking for an investment with an excellent yield and return on investment?


With our knowledge and experience with property, these are areas we excel at, giving you security over your assets of up to 5 years.

Registered Office: Unit 6A Fountayne Road, N15 4QL

Email: info@propertyexcellence.co.uk

Company Number: 11582857

I'm a Landlord...

We work with landlords by offering a guaranteed rent scheme for their property. We simply become your ultimate tenant, while we carefully select tenants that will respect your asset.

We also cover all costs incurred by the tenants, such as damage or repairs.

What sounds better than replacing the burden of finding tenants, managing tenants, dealing with voids or conflict, with the ease of knowing exactly how much rent you will receive for our contractal period?

I'm an Investor...

How would it feel being in control of your return on investment?

We work with investors by identifying what they are looking for in their investments and assess a number of properties to determine which one would achieve their desired return.

Leave the property hunt, the calculations and the numbers to us, we will ensure that the potential property we find alongside your chosen funds gives you your desired return.

Why Us?



Property Excellence work with all properties and add value throughout the course of our contractal period.


Background Checks

We know it's important for our landlords to know who will be staying in their property. We follow these procedures for all tenants to ensure the tenant the right people.


Property Cleaning

We ensure your property maintains a sleek look and professional setting to ensure your tenants are comforable at all times.


Property Maintainance

We cover all interior and exterior work necessary to be performed in order to add value to the landlords asset as well as maintaining a premium standard for our tenants. We also cover repairs and damage incurred by our tenants.


Regular Check Ins

We ensure the tenants use our properties according to it's intended use, and ensure we remain compliant with it's council's standards.



Lastly, we will inform you with our recommendations of improvements to the property and it's best use and license it accordingly - whether we rent each bedroom, the whole property, or as a serviced accommodation.

Registered Office: Unit 6A Fountayne Road, N15 4QL

Email: info@propertyexcellence.co.uk

Company Number: 11582857